Is Manuka Honey Good For Constipation?

We get a lot of questions about which ailments Manuka honey might be good for.

The truth is, not a large number of studies have been done on Manuka honey and most medical conditions.

However, there are things we do know – Manuka Honey is very good at combating various bacteria, fungi and inflammation. But is Manuka honey good for digestion? Can it help with constipation?

To determine whether Manuka might be useful in combating constipation, let’s take a step back and talk about what causes constipation in the first place.

Often, constipation can simply be a symptom of a poor diet. If your diet lacks in fiber, there’s a chance your stools won’t move through your digestive system easily and can cause you to feel “backed up”.

The obvious solution here is not Manuka honey, it’s to adjust your diet to contain a higher percentage of fiber!

But what about other situations where constipation isn’t due to fiber or diet.

For example, what if you have IBS? A common symptom of IBS is constipation and irregular bowel movements.

Some studies have been done on this.

For example, this study from 2008 showed that Manuka honey taken in dosages of 5g per kilo of body weight showed reduced colonic inflammation in rats. It also showed improved antioxidant parameters. Although they have not yet reproduced these results in humans, it’s promising.

Another thing doctors might advise you when suffering from constipation is to improve your gut health. Usually this involves eating more prebiotic and probiotic foods, while also clearing your gut of bad bacteria and yeast.

Guess what – Manuka honey is effective at all of that!

Not only is Manuka honey classed as a prebiotic, it is also fantastic at eliminating harmful bacteria and yeast in the gut.

The other great thing about Manuka honey is – it never hurts to try. Manuka honey is completely natural and highly nutritious food on its own – meaning it has no side effects, and provides a whole host of health benefits, even if it doesn’t address your specific ailments.

Our advice is always – pick up a jar of Manuka honey and try it! Best outcome – it totally clears up your constipation. Worst outcome – your constipation persists, but you’ve tried a natural remedy that has helped improve other areas of your health anyway. Plus, it’s super delicious!

If you’re looking for a Manuka honey to try, there are many brands on the market and it’s important you get one that is of a high quality. That means you want a brand that offers a high UMF score, preferably from a New Zealand beekeeper that harvests their own, and most importantly, tastes good! As farmers who have been dealing with Manuka honey for several decades, we’ve checked out all the top Manuka honey brands on the market to help you choose the one that’s right for you. You can check out our full list of rankings here.

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I'm Erin, and my family has been raising bees for over two generations. We no longer raise bees on Manuka flowers, but it remains one of our favorites, and we eat it daily, among other honeys like Kamahi and Rata. Since Manuka has grown in popularity overseas in recent years, we thought we should educate people on the true benefits of Manuka and how to find quality Manuka honey. Haere mai to our site, written by us and designed by our brilliant computer whiz of a son, Byron. We hope you find it helpful!