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Manuka Health is one of a number of manuka honey producers who have been in existence for less than two decades. Since 2006, Manuka Health have carved out a niche for themselves as a premium producer of pure New Zealand manuka honey. The point of difference between the manuka honey sold by Manuka Health and the majority of other New Zealand manuka manufacturers is that they make use of the MGO rather than the UMF grading system. That does not necessarily mean that it is a lower quality product, however. The MGO grading system is certified by New Zealand Manuka Labs. 

Who is manuka health?

Manuka Health is a New Zealand manuka, royal jelly honey, NZ gourmet honey and propolis manufacturer. The company was founded in 2006 and has grown rapidly over the past 14 years. It now has 140 staff members. Manuka Health is based in Te Awamutu on New Zealand’s North Island. In addition to their honey products, the company sells superfoods, supplements, winter wellness, skincare and personal health products. 

Manuka Health has established long term partnerships with many landowners to enable their beehives to be located in some of the prime manuka bush growing areas of New Zealand, with an emphasis on the manuka rich region of Northland. The company is dedicated to sustainable farming and regeneration of the land. To date, they have planted more than 80,000 manuka trees. They also partner with Manuka Farming New Zealand and Kauri Park Nurseries to deliver planting initiatives in support of the New Zealand government’s 1 Billion Trees forest restoration program.

Product overview:

Manuka Health UMF10+ MGO 263 Manuka Honey is the most popular manuka product sold by Manuka Health. This particular manuka honey delivers a rich flavour and a smooth, velvet texture. It is sold in quantities of 8.8 oz (250 grams) and 1.1 lb (500 grams). Manuka Health provides their honey in BPA free tinted plastic jars which are able to shield the manuka from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

Every jar of Manuka Health manuka honey can be traced right back to the beehive from which it was sourced. It is tested, packed and sealed in the company’s state of the art honey processing facility in Taranaki.

Manuka Health sells manuka honey in MGO ratings from 100+ to 825+. This covers all of your options in terms of antibacterial potency. At an MGO rating of 263, this product sits in the lower half of their range in terms of health benefits. 


Manuka Health makes use of the MGO rating system. MGO stands for methylglyoxal, which is the key active compound in manuka honey that provides it with its antibacterial potency. The higher the MGO rating, the more antibacterial power the honey will possess. The number on the jar after the letters ‘MGO’ will indicate how much methylglyoxal the honey contains in mgs per kg. 

It is important to note that a company that uses MGO rather than UMF ratings does not mean that the honey is of inferior quality. There is an equivalency which lets you know the corresponding UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) of the MGO rating. Some companies do not want to pay the high prices required to join the UMFHA. Here are the MGO / UMF equivalencies. . .

  • UMF 5+ = MGO 83+
  • UMF 10+ = MGO 261+
  • UMF 20+ = MGO 829+

Obviously, the higher the MGO rating, the more expensive the manuka honey will be. Whether you go for the highest MGO rating you can afford will depend on just what you intend to use your manuka honey for. If you are mainly intending to use your purchase for things such as sweetening your tea, replacing sugar in baking recipes or as a spread on your toast, then you should go for a lower MGO (Under 200+). Once you get into the 261+ range, the MGO concentration will start to provide some significant antibacterial properties. For full antibacterial potency, with application on wounds and burns, look for a manuka honey with an MGO of 700 or more. 


The taste of Manuka Health UMF10+ MGO 263 is pretty amazing. It delivers that rich, slightly nutty sweetness that makes manuka so morish. The rich, velvety texture of this honey allows it to smoothly glide down your throat. There is a slightly bitter undertone to the taste but that does not detract from the wonderful manuka flavor. This manuka also has a very enticing aroma that will draw you in and tempt you to have more than you know you should. 

Manuka Health MGO 263+ has a natural amber brown color which is exactly what you would expect from a quality manuka honey. Just keep in mind that the color may change from batch to batch so don’t be concerned if the jar that you receive contains honey that is darker than you see advertised online. 

value for money

Manuka Health represents one of the best value manuka honeys on the New Zealand market. Due to its rich sweetness, you only have to add a small amount to your drinks which makes it last longer. The best value is the 500 gram tub. The Manuka Health website also regularly features sales which sometimes includes their manuka honeys. 

suggested uses and benefits:

With its MGO rating of 263+, this manuka honey provides medium strength antibiotic properties. At the same time it makes for a delicious sweet food. For general wellbeing you can enjoy it straight from the spoon or to sweeten your warm tea. It can also be used as a baking substitute for sugar. 

In terms of its medicinal and health applications, this MGO 263+ honey makes an effective winter wellness remedy. Take a spoonful daily to help ward off those nasty winter bugs. This honey will also provide you with an awesome workout boost if taken as a pre workout. Taken after your workout, it will help to replace your depleted glycogen levels. 

This manuka honey can help with digestion and gastro-intestinal issues. Many sufferers from such issues as irritable bowel syndrome find that a daily spoonful or two of manuka honey can help to bring relief from gas, acid reflux and burping. 

Manuka Health MGO 263+ should be stored in the pantry rather than the fridge. This product should not be given to children under the age of twelve months or to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

overall summary:


  • Sustainable practices
  • Local farmer support
  • Traceability
  • Great Price
  • Awesome taste and aroma
  • Social programs
  • MGO Rating


  • Some reported problems with delivery


Who owns Manuka Health?

Manuka Health is owned by Manuka Health Ltd, a New Zealand registered company. The company was founded in 2006. Over the last 14 years, Manuka Health has grown exponentially to now include more than 140 employees. 

Is Manuka Health the best manuka honey?

Some people believe that Manuka Health is the best honey. However, taste is a subjective thing so other people prefer another brand. Manuka Health put more emphasis on the MGO than on the UMF, which may put some people off. UMF is a more complete grading system, giving it a purer result. However, MGO is simpler and more straightforward to test. It is not possible, then to categorically state that one is better than the other. 

Is higher MGO better?

Yes, a higher MGO rating is better in terms of the antibacterial potency of the manuka honey. The MGO rating is a standardized measure of the methylglyoxal content and is an indicator of the quality of the honey. MGO is expressed as a number, which indicates that the methylglyoxal is that number or higher. The MGO rating of this particular Manuka health honey is equivalent to a UMF 10+ manuka honey. 


Manuka Health produces a full range of health products. These include propolis and royal jelly, gourmet honey, a skin and oral care range and a winter wellness range consisting of lozenges and oral sprays. 

The Manuka honey range consists of the following products:

  • MGO 30+ Manuka Honey
  • MGO 115+ Manuka Honey
  • MGO 263+ Manuka Honey
  • MGO 400+ Manuka Honey
  • MGO 573+ Manuka Honey
  • MGO 700+ Manuka Honey
  • MGO 850+ Manuka Honey
  • MGO 950+ Manuka Honey

They also sell an MGO 115+ on the go 12 pack in sachet, as well as manuka honey and blackcurrant and manuka and lemon lozenges. A manuka honey powder with prebiotics and probiotics is also available. 

Manuka Health sells royal jelly in capsule form. Royal jelly is the food that is fed to the queen bee and provides some amazing and unique health benefits. The product is sold in a 180 capsule container, with each capsule containing 100 mg of royal jelly. 

Where to buy:

You can buy Manuka Health Honey directly from their website. Their products are also available with fast shipping on here on Amazon.

Manuka Health is a great brand, but it did not make our list of top Manuka Honeys for this year. You can see our full rankings list by clicking here.

Who are we?

I'm Erin, and my husband and I have been raising bees in Northern New Zealand for over 30 years. We no longer raise bees on Manuka flowers, but it remains one of our favorites, and we eat it daily, among other honeys like Kamahi and Rata. Since Manuka has grown in popularity overseas in recent years, we thought we should educate people on the true benefits of Manuka and how to find quality Manuka honey. Above is our guide, written by us and designed by our brilliant computer whiz of a son, Byron. We hope you find it helpful! Learn more about us here.