UMF 20+ / MGO 830+

Manukora Manuka Honey UMF 20+ is the premium grade manuka honey produced by Manukora, a New Zealand honey producer based in the heart of New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty. This is a mono floral manuka honey that has a delicious creamy taste and provides all of the medicinal benefits that have made manuka honey so popular around the world. In this review, we delve deep to find out just what makes Manukora UMF 20+ so good. 


Manukora is a New Zealand based manuka honey manufacturer. The company works out of a small town at the foot of the magnificent Kaimai Ranges in the Bay of Plenty on New Zealand’s north island. They have been producing premium quality manuka honey since 1988. Manukoara works with beekeepers in the most remote areas of the north island’s east cape in order to acquire the purest quality manuka honey available anywhere on the planet. 

Manukora are committed to providing the highest quality natural products while, at the same time, preserving and even enhancing the natural environment. They use the most sustainable honey extraction processes and are constantly looking for ways to improve in this regard. 

Authenticity is very important to the guys at Manukora. To promote maximum product transparency they have introduced a unique product coding system that gives every one of their honey jars a unique code that allows for complete traceability. In fact, you are able to determine which beehive the honey in your pantry came from! This provides you with the confidence that, no matter where in the world you are enjoying your Manukora honey, you can have complete confidence that it was produced, not only in New Zealand, but in that country’s premium manuka bush growing regions. This level of transparency is unequalled in the manuka honey industry. 

With so many pretenders in the manuka honey market, the time and effort that Manukora have put into their product coding system is a major tick for the company.

All Manukora honeys carry both MGO and UMF numbers on the label. These certifications have been approved by the Ministry of Primary Industry in New Zealand and are a further guarantee that you are getting premium quality genuine New Zealand manuka honey. 

Product overview:

Manukora UMF20+ Manuka Honey is the premium product produced by Manukora. This is a pure, raw, unpasteurized honey that is collected from monofloral bees. In other words, the bees that the nectar is collected from only pollinate manuka bushes. That ensures that what is in the jar is nothing but pure 100% manuka honey.

With a UMF of 20+ and an MGO of 830+, Manukora UMF20+ provides you with all of the health and medicinal benefits that have made manuka honey the most sought after nectar in the world. Every batch of Manukora honey is independently tested at a UMF Association Laboratory. 

Manukora makes use of a unique creaming process to produce consistently smooth, delicious, spreadable honey. 

The BPA free rPET plastic jar that Manukora honey comes in is specially tinted to ensure that the sun’s glare does not negatively affect the contents.  The jars used to hold Manukora’s manuka honey are made from 100% recyclable plastic and the labeling is FSC certified. These jars are ideal for international shipping. The attractive packaging is gift worthy. Every jar is produced in an HACCP certified facility in the heart of New Zealand’s north island. 

Manukora UMF20+ manuka honey is a non GMO, completely source traceable product. It is available in 250g and 500g jars. 

On the lid of your jar of Manukora UMF 20+ manuka honey you will find a unique trust code. When you scan your phone over this code, you will be able to see the history of your unique jar of honey.

Manukora was also listed on our list of top Manuka Honey brands for this year.


Manukora honey conforms to all of the requirements of the UMF Honey Association of New Zealand. This includes UMF certification and MGO grading. This particular product has a UMF rating of 20+ which is the highest available. This rating is a combination of Leptosperin, DHA and Methylglyoxal. 20+ indicates that this is a premium grade manuka honey which is perfect for medicinal applications.

The MGO rating is a measure of the level of methylglyoxal contained in the product. The MGO Rating runs from 83+ all the way through to 1000+, with 8 increments between those two extremes. Manukora UMF 20+ manuka honey has an MGO rating of 830+. You can read more about Manukora's certifications on their website.


Manuka honey naturally provides a sweet, delectable taste. But there is something about Manukora that puts it on a level of its own. It delivers a level of rich sweetness that is truly unique. This is, no doubt, the result of the creamy processing methods that Manukora undertakes. The texture of this honey hits the sweet spot between being too moist or too dry. That makes it a delight to add to your pancakes or your oatmeal. 

Because Manukora use minimal processing, none of their honey is homogenized. As a result, the color, texture and consistency of the honey may differ slightly from batch to batch. 

value for money

Manukora UMF 20+ manuka honey is among the highest grade manuka honeys available. As a result it is considerably more expensive than lower UMF of MGO rated manuka honeys.

When compared to UMF 20+ manuka honey from their major competitors, this product represents very good value. It is significantly less expensive than Comvita UMF 20+ manuka honey. It is also regarded by some as being better tasting than Comvita and offers a tracking system built on blockchain technology to allow you to trace the history of your honey jar.

As honey is an edible product they do not have a returns policy. 

suggested uses and benefits:

As a UMF20+ medicinal grade product, this manuka honey has benefits that extend far beyond its great taste. In fact, many people purchase Manukora UMF 20+ exclusively for its medicinal benefits and buy a less expensive lower UMF manuka honey for eating purposes.  

Manukora UMF 20+ has proven to be extremely useful for skin treatments, wounds and burns. Manuka honey has been recognized as a wound treatment by the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA). It is prepared as a sterilized dressing for treatment on wounds. 

The methylglyoxal that is the key compound in Manukora UMF 20+ has powerful antibacterial benefits. Unlike antibiotics, manuka honey does not lead to the development of super bugs that are resistant to antibiotics. 

A recent meta analysis from Oxford University has revealed how beneficial manuka honey is in treating upper respiratory tract infections. The researchers analysed 14 other studies and concluded that manuka honey ‘is more effective than usual care alternatives for improving URTI symptoms, particularly cough frequency and cough severity.’

That makes Manukora UMF 20+ a great alternative to antibiotics for treating those winter coughs and flu. 

Manukora recommends taking 2-3 spoonfuls of manuka honey daily for general health purposes. They even sell a dosage spoon to help you get just the right amount. Manuka honey is  a completely natural, safe product. However, Manukora does not recommend giving it to infants under the age of 12 months. 

overall summary:


  • UMF 20+
  • MGO 830+
  • Awesome sweet taste
  • Creamy consistency
  • Blockchain technology
  • Medical grade


  • Some reviewers noted leakage in transit


Is Manukora Manuka Honey organic?

No, Manukora has not certified their honey as organic. To be certified as organic honey must use beehives that are at last 8 km from any artificial chemical source - this could be a road, a farm or a house - and should be independently verified as organic. 

Is Manukora Manuka Honey UMF certified?

Yes, Manukora Honey is UMF certified. This certification comes from the UMF Honey Association of New Zealand and provides a rating based on the levels of four ingredients:

  • MGO
  • DHA
  • NPA
  • Leptosperin

The higher the UMF level, the more medicinally potent the manuka honey will be. With a UMF rating of 20+, this Manukora product has the highest UMF rating possible. 

Is Manukora better than Comvita?

Some people believe that Manukora honey is better than Comvita. It has a sweeter taste, makes use of blockchain technology to allow you to trace your tub of honey right back to the individual hive that it came from and is cheaper than Comvita. 


Manukora only sells manuka honey products. Their product range is divided according to the MGO Rating. They offer the following options:

Manukora offers a range of Christmas Gift Packs, including an Immunity Gift Pack and a Wellness Gift Pack. You can also buy a Manukora dose spoon from the Manukora website.

Where to buy:

For fastest shipping times, we recommend buying Manukora Manuka Honey directly from their Amazon store.