UMF 10+ / MGO 265+

Melora honey is one of the newer honey brands in New Zealand. The brand is part of the New Zealand Manuka Group, which is New Zealand’s largest manufacturer of manuka essential oils. The company is based in Whakatane in the central North Island and sources its manuka from around the East Cape region. Melora is a member of the UMF Honey Association and a UMF licensee. Every jar of Melora manuka honey also carries the MGO guarantee and the MβTK™ assurance. 

Who is melora?

The Melora honey brand is a product of the New Zealand Manuka Group. The company is based in Whakatane in the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand’s North Island. It was founded by Phil Caskey and his wife and business partner Sharan. They are both pioneers in the manuka honey industry, with Phil having registered the world’s first honey wound care dressing. 

New Zealand Manuka Group is the largest manuka essential oil manufacturer in New Zealand. The company works in partnership with the landowners, sharing  a percentage of the income derived from their product sales in return for the use of the land. 

There are four brands through which New Zealand Manuka Group bring their manuka honey and essential oils to the world:

  • Melora
  • Manuka Lab
  • Kaha
  • Kiwi Manuka

Product overview:

Melora UMF 10+ manuka honey is a pure manuka product sourced from the manuka rich East Cape of New Zealand’s North Island. Melora sells UMF manuka honey ranging from 5+ to 20+. At UMF 10+, this particular manuka product sits at the lower midway point in terms of its medicinal potency. It carries an MGO rating of 265+.

Melora UMF 10+ manuka honey is available in a 250 gram and a 500 gram jar. The container is made of plastic and is tinted to prevent any damage to the honey caused by the sun’s glare. 


Melora manuka honey is UMF certified. UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor. It is a measure of the three following key components of manuka honey which are responsible for its medicinal potency:

  • Methylglyoxal 
  • Leptosperin
  • DHA

The UMF rating compares the antibacterial strength of the product to the well known antibacterial phenol. A product like Melora Manuka UMF 10+ has the same antibacterial power as a 10 percent solution of phenol. 

The UMF rating system provides grading levels along with the given number:

  • UMF 5+ to UMF 9+ - Certified Authentic
  • UMF 10+ - UMF 15+ - Premium Grade
  • UMF 15+ - UMF 20+ - Ultra Premium Grade
  • UMF 24+ - Superior Rare High Grade

As we can see from the above, Melora UMF 10+ manuka honey sits at the lower end of the premium grade rating. As such, it is suitable for most antibacterial applications. However, if you are wishing to use manuka honey for wound treatments, we suggest going with a higher grade product. 

Melora UMF 10+ is also tested for its MGO level. MGO stands for methylglyoxal, which is considered to be the magic ingredient in manuka honey that gives it amazing health benefits. The MGO rating of this product is 265+. 

Melora UMF 10+ also carries the Manuka Originz Guarantee. This allows you to trace the product all the way back to its source of origin. That is important in a market that is saturated with products that claim to be original genuine New Zealand manuka when it is anything but.


Melora UMF 10+ manuka honey has a medium sweet taste that is very pleasant. There is also a nutty texture along with a pleasing, yet slightly bitter, after taste. It has a medium consistency which makes it pretty easy to spread. This honey has an amber brown color and is quite opaque. Of course, the color may differ slightly from one batch to another. 

You will notice this manuka honey through your sense of smell before you taste it. The aroma is a little nutty with hints of herbal and earthy tones. 

value for money

Melora UMF 10+ manuka honey is relatively expensive. It is nearly twice the price of Mossops UMF 10+, which we have rated as the best value on the New Zealand market. As a result, we do not consider this product to be good value for money.

suggested uses and benefits:

Melora UMF10 + Manuka honey  can be used for both medicinal use and general food consumption. This is a great tasting honey which spreads well, making it ideal as a sandwich spread. It also works well as a sweetener of oatmeal, granola and yogurt. You can also use this honey as a natural sweetener replacement for sugar in baking recipes.

Melora UMF Honey can be used as an antibacterial agent. It is an excellent preventative for colds and flu, having the ability to ward off throat and nasal infections. If you have a sore throat, we recommend taking a half to one tablespoon of manuka honey each day.

Manuka honey is acidic, giving it the ability to block the enzymes that break down the protein and peptides that the body needs to repair itself. 

The MGO in manuka honey gives it powerful antiviral properties. This gives it the ability to kill germs. It has also been shown to be very effective against resistant microbes that do not respond to conventional therapies. 

Melora UMF 10+ Manuka Honey is also an effective treatment for the skin. It is able to help to treat such conditions as acne and eczema. Apply a thin layer of the manuka honey directly to the skin and leave it on for about 15 minutes. For best results, apply the mask three times per day. 

Manuka honey is also an effective digestive aid. As well as improving your general digestion, it can also help to alleviate the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), including acid reflux, bloating and gas. For best digestive health benefits, we recommend eating 1-2 tablespoons of Melora UMF 10+ honey daily.

overall summary:


  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Local farmer support
  • Traceability
  • Very tasty
  • UMF + Grading


  • Expensive


Is Melora manuka honey real?

Yes, Melora manuka honey is real. It is sourced from the East Cape, being one of the richest manuka bush areas of New Zealand’s North Island. Every jar of Melora manuka honey carries the UMF and MGO ratings. It also carries the Manuka Originz Guarantee, which allows you to trace the jar back to its source. 

Is Melora manuka honey from New Zealand?

Yes, Melolra manuka honey is from New Zealand. The fact that every jar carries the UMF and MGO ratings is your guarantee as is your ability to trace your purchase back to its source of origin, thanks to the Manuka Originz Guarantee. 

Is Melora manuka honey kosher?

Yes, Melora manuka honey is kosher. All pure, 100% honey is kosher in accordance with the Talmud which states the following principle” “that which comes from something which is not kosher is not kosher, and that which comes from something which is kosher is kosher’. Even though the bee is not kosher, the nectar which comes from the honey is not produced from within the bee. Rather the bee collects it from a bush which is not kosher. The bee does not actually digest the honey. As a result, the honey that is collected by the beekeeper comes from the bush, not from the bee. This makes it kosher. 


The Melora brand sells the range of UMF manuka honeys:

  • UMF 5+
  • UMF 10+ 
  • UMF 15+ 
  • UMF 20+ 

The brand also sells a range of manuka essential oils. The oil is extracted from the leaf of the manuka plant through a distillation process. Manuka oil has long been valued for its rejuvenative and antimicrobial properties. It is especially great for the skin.

The Melora personal care range is formulated with a blend of aloe vera juice, rich botanical oils, natural extracts and softening ingredients that make manuka honey even more effective. The range includes the following:

  • Manuka Honey Moisturizer 
  • Manuka Honey Body Lotion 
  • Manuka Honey Body Wash 
  • Manuka Honey Face Wash
  • Manuka Honey Shampoo 
  • Manuka Honey Hair Conditioner 
  • Manuka Honey Hand Cream 
  • Manuka Honey Foot Cream 
  • Manuka Honey Deodorant
  • Manuka Lip Balm 
  • Manuka Honey Soap 

In addition to the Melora brand, the New Zealand Manuka Group also produces the following brands:

  • Manuka Lab
  • Kiwi Manuka
  • Kaha

Where to buy:

You can buy Melora products directly from their website. Some of their products are also available on Amazon.