What is the UMF Assocation of New Zealand?

The UMF Association is a body in New Zealand that oversees the quality of Manuka Honey produced in the country. They have been operating since 1998.

The UMF Association appoints independent auditors who regularly analyze samples from various Manuka Honey producers. Their goal is to help protect buyers from counterfeit or misleading products.

All their testing is standardized so wherever UMF Manuka Honey products are sold, they will be subject to the same scrutiny of the UMF Association guidelines and criteria.

How does UMF grading work?

There are two components to the UMF grading system.

The first is the UMF symbol. If a Manuka Honey product has the UMF symbol on their label, it needs to be verified by the UMF Association.

The second is the number on the label. On Manuka Honey products around the world, you will see things like UMF10+ or UMF20+. This number determines what level of Manuka Honey compounds are present in that particular product.

These include the levels of Leptosperin, DHA and MGO. We recommend reading our guide on grading systems for more details on what these compounds are and why they are important. 

It is the job of the UMF Association to test the levels of these compounds in each product to ensure the claims are accurate. It will also test other things like whether the Manuka is pure or if it is a blend, to ensure only true Manuka Honey is being sold under the Manuka name.

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How does a Manuka Honey product become UMF certified?

 If a Manuka Honey producer wants to display the UMF trademark, they will simply apply to the UMF Association and request for their products to be tested.

It is the job of the UMF Association to provide standards for these companies to work from. This ensures they pass the stringent testing requirements when their samples are submitted.

Who are the current UMF certified brands?

There are currently over 100 beekeepers and Manuka Honey producers that are allowed to display the UMF trademark on their products.

All of the Manuka Honey brands that made our list of recommended Manuka Honey this year are UMF accredited.

You can see the full list of UMF accredited companies here.