If there’s anybody who knows how bad staph sucks, it’s me.

I’ve been dealing with staph on and off for almost a decade. On my chest, arms, legs (it’s always the darn legs!), I must have had at least ten staph infections in my time.

However, recently my staph problems have all but disappeared. I haven’t had a staph infection in almost five years, and it all started with Google.

Why have I dealt with staph so often?

I was a competitive wrestler in high school, and eventually started competing in jiu jitsu and judo. I love sports, but one of the hazards of these close-contact sports is staph infections. Any time the mats aren’t wiped down properly, people don’t wash their gear properly, any time you don’t shower right after training, staph can happen.

It didn’t help that I was traveling all over the world to train and compete, so I was possibly being exposed to all kinds of bugs that I might not have otherwise been at home.

So, I got staph. Then I got it again. And then I just started getting it, all the time.

In the beginning, I wanted to get back into action as soon as possible, so I simply visited my doctor and he prescribed me a course of antibiotics. Sometimes if the infection looked bad, I’d get a heavy course, taking up to four pills per day. This worked great at the beginning.

But then after some years, funny things started to happen. First, I got a yeast infection. My doctor told me this was a common side effect of frequent antibiotic use, and gave me some a short course of antifungal pills for that. But then I also noticed by the third or fourth course of antibiotics, I started to feel weaker during each course. Something didn’t feel right.

That’s when I went to Google and realized the consequences of all the medication I’d been taking.

The thing is, I’m a very healthy guy. I exercise six days a week, don’t smoke and don’t drink much alcohol (anymore). I figured as I was healthier than most people, my body would bounce back better than most too. I was wrong.

I learned that antibiotics, if used frequently, are extremely bad for the body. They kill any bacteria in their path, decimating the healthy microbes in the body. Not only that, with each course of antibiotics, you increase the chance of developing antibiotic resistant bacteria in your body. Because 70% of our immune system resides in the gut, antibiotics can wreak havoc on your immune system.

Immediately, I started looking for alternatives, and I found them. The internet was an incredible place for finding testimonials from people who had used all kinds of natural, healthy treatments to cure staph. The first one I tried was a special honey known as manuka, which worked brilliantly (that’s where the name of my blog comes from!)

Not only that, I learned about ways to actually prevent staph from happening, which had nothing to do with showers or laundry. I learned the reason I’d been dealing with so many staph infections was I didn’t understand the infection, and hence had been doing things all wrong.

Today, I’ve completely changed the way I live, and haven’t had a staph infection since (okay I did have one small one, which I nuked pretty easily with some natural treatments). I started this blog to share all the things I’ve learned about the nasty infection, and the changes I’ve made to my life to combat it. While I blog about all kinds of stuff, the only article you need to read if you’re trying to nuke a staph infection is this one. It details all the treatments I’ve researched, tried, the studies behind them, how to use them, and what my experience was like.

Hope all this helps, and wishing you good health!