When you leave New Zealand, most airports will have all the Kiwi classics for you to take back home to your friends and family.

These include things like Tim Tams, Pineapple Lumps, New Zealand wine, Whittaker’s chocolate and of course, manuka honey.

Auckland Airport has an enormous spread of manuka honey after you go through customs, with many popular brands to choose from.

Buying manuka honey at the airport is great because:

  • It’s convenient
  • It’s GST free (GST is the New Zealand version of VAT)

You will also have a large selection on manuka honey in one place, so you can pick and choose.

However, my advice is to buy manuka honey outside of the airport if possible.

Even though manuka honey at the airport is duty/tax free, the prices will be marked up, meaning you will still be able to buy these products cheaper directly from the producer websites.

You will also have a bigger range of honey to choose from.

There are many great brands of manuka honey that you won’t find in the airport, such as Manuka South and NZ Honey Co.

You will need to buy these outside the airport if you want them.

However, you will also find some brands in the airport that are popular, such as Comvita.

The Comvita stand is always prominent, with a large selection of their range available.

If you do buy manuka honey at the airport, remember to keep it stored properly when you travel.

That means keeping it out of direct sunlight, and store it in a cool place if possible.

Something I also like to do is have a small jar with me on long haul flights, and I will eat a spoonful every few hours!

Flying can wreak havoc on your immune system, so getting a nutrient hit at regular intervals during your flight is a great way to keep your body feeling strong.

Also remember that not all brands of manuka are made equal.

If you’re unsure, take a look at our latest rankings to see which brands are reputable.

Usually you can find both Comvita and Wild Cape, which are both great brands.

Finally, manuka honey is a fantastic gift to take home for loved ones from New Zealand, so if you’re at the airport and still have gifts to buy, getting a couple of small jars of manuka can be a great way to spend the last of your NZ dollars and give something thoughtful, healthy, and most importantly, something that’s classically Kiwi!

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I'm Erin, and my family has been raising bees for over two generations. We no longer raise bees on Manuka flowers, but it remains one of our favorites, and we eat it daily, among other honeys like Kamahi and Rata. Since Manuka has grown in popularity overseas in recent years, we thought we should educate people on the true benefits of Manuka and how to find quality Manuka honey. Haere mai to our site, written by us and designed by our brilliant computer whiz of a son, Byron. We hope you find it helpful!

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